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Welsh Goverment Grant

If you live or own a business or property in Wales you may be entitled to FREE High-speed Broadband installation.

The Welsh Government have an active campaign to ensure the people of wales can benefit from high-speed* internet access.

The scheme is targeted at properties that cannot currently receive high-speed internet.

Please click this link to read the about the scheme.

Follow the information below and if you qualify, we will visit your property to carry out the appropriate tests required for eligibility.

In simple terms, if you can't get Broadband or your current speed is less than 10mbps and BT or Virginmedia are unable to get a line to your house or your too far away from the telephone exchange, then you're highly likely to qualify.

The following points have been set out by the Welsh Government to qualify for free High-Speed* Broadband installation.

Eligibility Criteria and Scheme Conditions for Individual Residents
1. Comprise a single residential fixed dwelling which is located in Wales.
2. The Welsh Government reserve the right to request a copy of your Council Tax for the installation premises.
3. You must not be able to access the internet or your existing broadband connection and equipment cannot achieve the required step change (at least twice your current download speed). Applications requesting step change speeds that will result in download speeds less than 10Mbps will not be supported.
4. After receiving your application form the Welsh Government will verify your broadband availability.
5. The Welsh Government reserve the right to reject applications if the premise is found to have access to broadband download speeds above the minimum step change of 10Mbps.
To test your current speed, please click this link.

When performing a Speed test, its important that your phone or laptop is connected to your home internet/WIFI.
Performing the test whilst connected to your mobile phone cellular network won't provide data sufficient to be eligible for free installation.

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