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Wifi where you need it!

A Superfast internet connection is essential in our modern world.

Wherever you are or whatever you're doing, you can guarantee that you will be accessing a WIFI or broadband data connection to assist you.

There are several areas however where you'll be unable to access high-speed* broadband such as Rural areas, Caravan & Camping sites, Construction and Building sites, Music festivals and other pop-up type events.

A high-speed internet connection is an essential tool to ensure you can process digital and contactless payments, your clients can access digital drawings and track deliveries, your customers can upload their photos and tag your festival or even stream media and keep the kids happy while camping.

We can supply permanent, temporary or even a mobile WIFI-Broadband data connections to almost anywhere!

If you live in Wales, you maybe eligible for free Broadband installation worth £800

Click HERE to check terms and conditions.

Rural areas

If you're off the beaten track and are unable to access High-Speed* broadband from any of the major ISP's then we can help.

We can supply a Broadband connection to your rural home, farm, holiday home, new-build housing or estates or even areas of suburbia that have no or limited connection - NO EXISTING PHONE LINE NEEDED!

What's even better is that you could benefit from free installation courtesy of a Welsh Goverment grant if you qualify. Click HERE for more information.


Caravan Sites

If you own a Caravan that is sited permanently, we can supply and install equipment that can provide you with High-Speed* internet access.

Even if your Caravan site has an existing Internet/WIFI provider. our broadband and supplied equipment will run independently from your sites existing supplier which means we can be competitive.

The equipment is unobtrusive and in most cases wont even be seen externally.

Get in touch if you have any questions.  


Construction & Building Sites

Do you need internet & Wifi access at your Construction or Building site? 

A temporary WIFI and wired network at your site could help efficiency by being able to use network printers, able to share documents such as architectural drawings or even just being able to email invoices.

Whatever your needs, we can install equipment to provide High-Speed* internet access with far reaching outdoor Wifi connectivity for a short or long fixed term.

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Festival WIFI

Having WIFI at your festival can be a great way to boost your branding and popularity by allowing festival goers to upload their photos and tag you to Social media.

More importantly, your food sellers and retailers can benefit from having a stable internet connection allowing the use of EPOS systems and Contactless / Card readers to take payments.


When there are too many people using the local Cellular mast, usually a loss of 4G and cellular connectivity will occur.

Our WIFI system will greatly improve the connection to your festival.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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