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CCTV Anywhere

CCTV is essential for security, peace of mind and a great way of deterring crime before it even takes place. It is also a great way of being able to monitor your home, workplace or even pets whilst your away.

We have installed CCTV systems in to licensed premises, residential homes, commercial units, construction sites and garages without power or internet. We have even installed CCTV in to Equestrian stables so that horse owners can monitor their horses overnight.

There are many possibilities for deploying CCTV to many different areas.

Get in touch to discuss your ideas, budget and requirements.


If you live or work on a farm then CCTV may not be practical due the lack of power, internet connection or even just the wide open spaces, but it is possible.

Farms are usually well equipped with expensive livestock, machinery, equipment and land.

We were approached by the owner of a small holding where up to 30 horses are stabled. The owner wanted to remotely monitor a pregnant horse so we initially fitted a solar powered/4G system. However the popularity of that system with the other horse owners meant we were asked back to install additional 32 cameras and WIFI.

Even if you think it may not be possible, give us a try. We can install CCTV nearly anywhere!


Licensed Premises

CCTV is a must for licensed premises and is usually a requirement of the alcohol selling licence. It is vital asset to keep your staff, customers and premises safe.

We were approached by a local Restaurant owner to upgrade their current basic CCTV system. They also asked us to install WIFI and a multi-channel, multi-screen sky system.

The whole venue was kitted out with 14 cameras and a bespoke monitoring and detection system that can be customized depending on time of the day and opening hours.

We also fitted WIFI access points for private & guest WIFI and a 4K Sky TV distribution system to 6 x 50" Televisions


Your Home

Having CCTV at your home is common place in recent years. Being able to monitor your home when you're away provides great peace of mind and will even reduce your insurance premiums.

There are many flexible options to suit all budgets and requirements.

We can install indoor cameras to monitor the movements of Pets during the day, to cameras in outbuildings and garages far away from your home.

We use a variety of cameras from different manufacturers to give you the best product to suit your needs and budget.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

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